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¥Editor Integrations

Nx 控制台在 VS Code 侧栏中显示所有项目的 npm 脚本,并允许你通过单击运行它们或在编辑器中打开脚本定义。

¥Nx Console displays the npm scripts for all your projects in the VS Code sidebar and allows you to run them with a single click or open the script definition in your editor.



VS Code

如果你使用的是 VS Code,则可以从 Marketplace 安装 Nx 控制台 VSCode 插件。Nx 控制台 VSCode 插件由 Nx 团队构建和维护。

¥If you are using VSCode, you can install the Nx Console VSCode Plugin from Marketplace. The Nx Console VSCode Plugin is built and maintained by the Nx team.


如果你使用的是 WebStorm,你可以安装可用插件之一:

¥If you are using WebStorm, you can install one of the available plugins:

这些插件不是由 Nx 团队构建或维护的。它们由独立社区贡献者维护。

¥These plugins are NOT built or maintained by the Nx team. They are maintained by independent community contributors.

VSCode 的 Nx 控制台

¥Nx Console for VSCode

Nx Console logo